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Class information

Tamara Abeyta at 928-606-8720

CLASS ScheduleTuesdays: Christensen/Summit High School**4:45-6:45 Team: HIgh School Twirling Open for Registration Wednesdays:CHRISTENSEN**5:30-6:45 Team: Open for Refistration*6:45-7:30 Gymnastics and Dance for Twirlers: Open to ALLThursdays:4:45-5:30 Gymanstics and Dance for Twirlers 5:30-6:45 Team: Beg Baton Twirling Open for Registration.Fridays: Cinderella Practices 4-6 ChristensenCost is $45 dollars a month for 1 class a week and $70.00 a month for 2 classes a week. To purchase a baton cost is $20.00.